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Thoughtful article by Frank Chimero on writing a book:

Writing a book has been like running a marathon: the goal is to finish because it’s a thrill to go further than you ever have gone before. You keep your pace, and hope that each day you can do the same amount of work with just a little bit less pain. But the pain never leaves, because you are digging yourself up and hallowing yourself out onto the page. You just choose to ignore it. You run, and you say “The body serves the mind. The body serves the mind.” Inhale through the nostrils, exhale out the mouth. Push. We will make our words well. “We will be better. We will be good.”

And on taking the time to fully digest quality writing:

A few years ago when traveling I had a meal at a tapas bar on a slow Tuesday night, and struck up a conversation with the chef in the open kitchen. She told me that the key to a good meal is matching the chef’s time: take as much time to eat the dish as it took to prepare it. I always filed it away in my head, but never quite knew how to classify the sentiment. It’s just within the past few days that I’ve understood that the reason I liked the thought so much was because of how kind it seemed. To match attention is to be kind.


We want to match the caring of others. And yet, we reign ourselves in from fear of the jest focusing its gaze upon us if we make a real and honest go at chasing after what we believe.

Mr. Chimero has switched gears on his illustration work and decided to have a go full bore at the crafting of words. His book is eagerly anticipated.


From the Where I Am series:

September 9, 2010

The drone of a lawn hedging apparatus screams though the quiet mood of the campus. The auditory interruption is blessedly garnished with the sweet smell of grass. The heat of the sun warms me. I’m sitting on concrete. A corner of concrete to be exact. A cute girl just walked by, Blond, black shirt. I smile, she takes no notice. A man in a utility truck drives by. I smile. He smiles. It’s warm today. Finally. Unfortunately, it’s a Friday which means the warm weather won’t bring less clothing to girls as Friday on a college campus is rather lonely. More men in utility trucks and gardeners. All hope is not lost though. A fleeting sideways glance from a passerby makes this concrete seat worth it.

September 9, 2010