I’ve written about the late and great Tobias Wong on multiple occasions.  If you haven’t checked out his site, please take the time to do so.  Core77 wrote about his:

Tobias Wong’s work plays between concept and beauty, exposing the similarities between art and design rather than blurring their boundaries. Unlike purely conceptual work – which often lacks a real appreciation for beauty, aesthetics, and a desire for consumption – his work often finds expression in real objects. He’s coined the term Paraconceptual to describe it: “Of, relating to, or being conceptual.”

Especially these:

Money Pad

I heard about Tobias when I was still living in SF. Though his work might seem trite and cliche, at the time his work was an inspiration. So many kids were blathering on about the utility of objects, the importance of universal design, it was refreshing to see someone not taking things so seriously.  Unfortunately, what he didn’t take seriously in his work, he did in his view of the world as he took his own life last year. Is that always how it is?  He put the joy and laughter in his designs and didn’t leave enough for himself. Protect us all from what we want, and thank you for giving us what we need.  Please continue to show us the difference.