This essay, written by Tom Junod was originally published in GQ in 1996.  It was then republished in 2007.  It gives a glimpse into the relationship of a father and son through the filter of grooming tips passed from generation to generation. It’s a great read and I encourage printing it out and reading it in the sun, to help “get that glow”

He has nothing else now, except his family, which has become everything to him, while I have this, this urge not to sing but to somehow speak and tell…except that of course in the end writing is the same as wearing clothes: You do it to have some say over how you look to the world, and you wind up revealing precisely what you’ve hidden, and more than you will ever know.


He was determined to make his mark, and God, he did, and now, as I walk into my life I walk into his, into the gift he gave me, his first and final fashion tip: the knowledge that a man doesn’t belong to anyone. That he belongs to his secrets. That his secrets belong to him.

Don’t forget it.