Writer Merlin Mann wrote a piece titled Cranking that gives a meandering walk through his views on the balance. A litany of people are adding to the “I read this” by suggesting their readers go read this. I’ll do the same to my reader. Just to get you warmed up:

In a quest to make something that has increasingly not felt like my own, I’ve unintentionally ignored by own counsel to never let your hard work f— up the good things. Including those regular people. Including, ironically, the real work. Including any good thing the crank is supposed to be attached to.

So, I’m done f—ing that up. I’m done cranking. And, I’m ready to make a change.

The only thing that matters in this life are the people. Either embrace this and enjoy the awareness of this reality, or “crank” away ignoring this fact for it to later become a reality after it is too late.

Good read.  PG-13 for language.


Listening to his podcast Back to Work, Merlin Mann just mentioned that he drinks coffee and writes at a coffee shop two blocks from the apartment I lived in when I was going to school in San Francisco. He should also try the Trolley Cafe on 24th. That’s where it’s at. A turkey sandwich on dutch crunch and a cup of their fresh black coffee. The Chronic 2001.